Applications invited for Certificate Course in Qualitative Research Methods/ Last date to apply 25th August 2020


Ensuring Transdisciplinary involvement for Qualitative research and leadership in contextual evidence building in South Asia

icon Mission
  • To provide extensive training on the design, conduct and analysis of qualitative methods

  • To organize joint seminars and winter/summer schools on recent developments in qualitative methods

  • To develop innovative tools and techniques for systematic evidence synthesis

  • To provide the infrastructure, access to networks and expertise to seek external research funding.

  • To build capacities of young scholars in teaching and conducting qualitative research

  • To establish a regional hub for qualitative research in Asia by networking with other universities, research centers and NGOs


Qualitative research methods provide a rich and in-depth understanding of the phenomenon under study. The need for qualitative insights to understand complex issues ranging from health seeking behaviours to complex decision-making on health expenditure has been widely acknowledged in global public health research. As public health is increasingly being viewed as a social science, there is a growing demand for qualitative techniques. Our Transdisciplinary Centre for Qualitative Methods (TCQM) under Public Health Evidence South Asia (PHESA) and Prasanna School of Public Health (PSPH), a joint initiative by Manipal Academy of Higher Education and the Utrecht University, The Netherlands, will aim to meet this need by serving as a regional hub for capacity building in qualitative methods in South Asia. The centre will educate, facilitate and promote trans-disciplinary qualitative research for a comprehensive understanding of the issues pertaining to public health.